For those intending to stay with us for either an extended period of time or indefinitely, there are specific areas of therapies that we perform for our residents with compassionate care


Individualized Care Plans

While certain modes of care are universally useful for all people, different people may require different levels and forms of care done in a very specific way. We are more than willing to sit down with you and go over our various services to help put together a care plan specifically catered to you.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

As you'll be staying with us for some time, we will assist in your daily life in our facility including recreational activities, or something as simple as going to our barber or salon.

Dementia Care Programming and Tracking

Dementia is an especially difficult condition to live with, and requires a high level of quality care. Our staff ensures that all of our dementia stricken patients are especially given an appropriate level of care and help, and that they are all accounted for at all times.

Middle Stage / Moderate Alzheimer’s Care

As with dementia, Alzheimer's is another disease that we take very seriously, and we give a lot of support to patients it affects.

Wander Guard System

Our facility is equipped with electronic tracking equipment that we use to ensure our patients remain on the grounds, and that they pose no threat to themselves or those around them.

Therapeutic & Special Diets

Diet is essential to a successful recovery, and at Hillside we take care to ensure that your diet best reflects the needs and demands of your treatment.

Medicare Certified Beds

Our top of the line theraputic beds are extremely comfortable and fully adjustable.