Our short-term rehabilitation Program offers several services to help you along to your recovery.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy


Physical Therapy

Physical injury requires time to heal. Once healing as progressed far enough, the damaged limb needs exercise to heal properly, but improperly exercising the limb can re-damage the injury and can also make it worse. In the worst case, it can also make the injury heal incorrectly, which will cause permanent damage. Our facility is equipped with a gym and on-staff physical therapists who are trained to ensure that your physical therapy is done correctly and efficiently.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy revolves around how your injury affects daily life. Some injuries can require significant change in daily routine and activity. Occupational therapy seeks to modify or change aspects of your daily routine and activities so that your injury affects your quality of life as little as possible.

Speech therapy covers speaking and language difficulties. Especially with the elderly, speech can become difficult and neurological diseases and trauma can also be cause for what was once second nature to become a conscious effort. Our speech therapists are experienced in this field, and can help you overcome these obstacles.

Wound Care

Wounds such as deep cuts, gashes, and injuries requiring stitches are the simplest injuries in form, but require great care to ensure that it remains simple and doesn't change into a life threatening condition. We ensure that your pain is relieved and that you're kept clean to protect yourself from infection.

Ostomy Care

Ostomy care can be a very uncomfortable and also embarrassing ordeal. Our staff are prepared to treat these issues you may have, and to treat you with dignity and understanding while doing so.

IV Therapy

 Intravenous (IV) care is an important component of any hospital care, as it keeps patients hydrated and in good health. This fundamental part of our care is something that we ensure is done professionally and correctly. This is available in both short and long-term care options.

Bi-paps - C-paps

Bi and C paps are very important for elderly patients who require a steady supply of oxygen. These important instruments for long-term health are part of our services here.


Hydrocollators are specialized heating devices that heat up special packs of water, and then applied to various parts of the body to relieve pain and also relax the muscles.


Cryotherapy is more or less the opposite to the hydrocollator. It utilizes cold compresses and devices to relieve everything from pain to swelling. Cryotherapy can be anything from a simple ice pack to an ice bath.

Wii-Hab and Xbox Kinect

Representing some of the latest forms of therapy, these services utilize the Wii and Xbox gaming consoles with motion control to help in physical therapy. It adds a level of fun and play to your therapy and can make it more than just pleasant, it can make it enjoyable.

State-of-the-Art Modality Equipment

Modality equipment uses various forms of energy like heat, cold, and electricity to stimulate and relieve certain parts of the body. Much like the hydrocollator and cryotherapy, except on a much more precise level and in a much more modern form.

 Short-Wave Diathermy

SWD involves the use of a device called a Tens unit. Tens units have pads connected to them that are then attached to parts of the body requiring attention. When the device is turned on, these pads emit a subtle and low-powered electrical current. While it may feel strange at first, and require adjustment, once you are used to the feel of the unit, it will give the sensation of receiving a massage on the part it's connected to. It does wonders for stiff joints and tight muscles.

Diabetes Management and Education

Diabetes is a serious condition, but with good knowledge and regulation, can have a minimal effect on your life. We have facilities to help with keeping the needs of diabetics taken care of, and can also instruct them on how best to manage their needs on their own.


We pride ourselves on our capable and experienced staff, as well as out first class attention to the personal well-being and comfort of our patients.