What if I’m not happy with the care I’m receiving?

Our Care Confidant Program is designed to promote communication between you and staff. A staff person will be assigned to you and will check your room each day to make sure everything is clean, orderly and there are no housekeeping concerns. This person is also there to listen to what’s on your mind and if possible, resolve any concerns. This is an extra layer of care that we provide to all our guests to ensure their stay is a positive experience.

When will I receive therapy and what should I wear?

We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy throughout the week. You will be evaluated as soon as possible upon arrival and a personalized therapy plan will be designed to best meet your individual needs. Comfortable loose-fitting clothing and tennis shoes are recommended.

How do I receive my medications?

Your medications can only be ordered once you have arrived and your information entered into our system. We should have your medications 4-6 hours of your arrival. In the event you need pain control, please request pain medication to be administered 30 minutes-1 hour prior to your departure from the hospital. We ask that you do not keep any medications in your room or self-medicate to avoid serious medical complications.

When will a walker be placed in my room for me to use?

Until your therapist determines that you are safe to use a walker by yourself, we encourage you to use the wheelchair provided in your room to reduce risk of falls.

When will I receive my shower?

Showers are three times a week on a rotating schedule. Please consult your nurse aid for your personal shower schedule.